I Love American Kennels!

There are times when you need to be separated from your furry friends.  I suggest checking out the two places I use. They offer daycare, spa treatments, grooming, overnight stays, fashions and food.

When I stayed in Chelsea my dog CJ spent each day at The Puppy Loft.  He enjoyed every moment.  The staff was so devoted to making him happy.


NOLA NYCole in Strawberry Fields, Central Park

Because recently I spend most of my time in midtown, my dogs go to American Kennels.  This place is also to die for as the staff members are wonderful caregivers.  The girls had their first haircuts there and they came out looking marvelous!  The groomer knew just how to cut their type of fur.


If you don’t want to be separated from your dog, check out dogfriendly.com for a list of places they can go with you.


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