The following list of restaurants was retrieved from

Pate Anyone?  The Park Restaurant

New York:

Amish Market -17 Battery Place New York
Bangkok House -360 W 46th Street New York
Barking Dog Luncheonette -1453 York Ave New York
Barking Dog Restaurant -150 E 34th Street New York
Cascina -281 Bleecker St New York
Chipotle -150 E 44th Street New York
Chipotle -150 E 52nd Street New York
Da Rosina Ristorante -342 W 46th St New York
Fetch -1649 Third Avenue New York
Firehouse -522 Columbus Avenue New York
Flex Mussels -174 E 82nd Street New York
Fratelli Ristorante -115 Mulberry St New York
Gavroche -212 West 14th Street New York
Il Porto -11 Fulton Street New York
Kaijou -21 S End Ave New York
Les Enfant Terrible -37 Canal Street New York
P J Clarke’s on the Hudson -250 Vesey Street New York
Phillip Marie Restaurant -569 Hudson New York
San Martin Restaurant -143 E 49th Street New York
Sidewalks -94 Avenue A New York
Sorrento Restaurant -132 Mulberry St New York
The Old Homestead Steakhouse -56 9th Avenue New York
*The Park -118 10th Avenue New York website
Tre -173 Ludlow Street New York
Xoom -125 E 7th Street New York
Yum Yum 3 -658 9th Avenue Corner of W 46th Street New York

Pet Friendly in New York

We Love to Eat at ‘The Park’

The girls have been inside the Crumbs on 37 East 8th Street from time to time.  They love the doggie cupcakes.

The gang also dined at Dos Caminos next to the Hotel Ganesvoort in the meat packing district.  The dogs had to sit on the o

Staying Cool at Dos Caminos

uter side of the fence but the server was very accommodating.


Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory -1 W

ater Street Brooklyn
El Greco Diner -1821 Emmons Avenue Brooklyn
Maria’s Mexican Bistro -669 Union St Brooklyn

The Gate -321 5th Avenue Brooklyn
The Creek and the Cave -1093 Jackson Ave Long Island City

Loving the Guacamole at Dos Caminos



Pet Friendly in the Boroughs


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