Here I go again!!! I’m making reference to a reality show, one that isn’t even on the air anymore.  It still kills me they call these shows reality when during the shows’ reunions they talk about what the storyline was for the season.  I guess one has to something on which to focus but it seriously is so scripted and fake that I’m ashamed to watch them.  I don’t go as far as to watch repeats but I’ll definitely sit through the first airing of each episode.

Okay…flashback:  Take the former MTV show, The Cityfeaturing Whitney Port.

Roxy Olin

Roxy Olin

Here you have a young aspiring clothing designer taking a risk by leaving behind the comforts of home in Los Angeles and her job at Teen Vogue to make her way into the fashion industry in the BIG CITY.  Her first job was working as an image coordinator for Diane Von Furstenberg.  I could share more but I’d rather get to the good part.  One thing’s for sure is that many cute places were highlighted during the show’s two years of existence, one being Ocean Grill.

Does dining outdoors where your table is mere feet away from the hustle and bustle of traffic seem odd?  Expect for the exhaust I love it!  There are countless eateries where you have the option of indoor or outdoor seating.  Ocean grill is one such restaurant and I have had the pleasure of dining there twice and I will definitely go back.

Roxy's Parents, Actors Ken Olin and Patricia Wettig

Roxy’s Parents, Actors Ken Olin and Patricia Wettig

The episode of The City involved Whitney Port’s former roommate Roxy Olin asking her actor father, Ken Olin to help subsidize her life in New York.  Roxy met her dad at Ocean Grill and dined a bit outdoors.  Needless to say, she Roxy didn’t get the much-needed cash flow from daddy.  And unfortunately, the show didn’t last long enough to find out Roxy’s plight besides the fact she and Whitney parted as roommates on not so good terms.

My two experiences dining at Ocean Grill were outstanding.  The food was spectacular as was the atmosphere.  The service made the entire evening nice as well.  I also have to say that each time we were seated next to friendly people.  There were quaint pleasantries shared throughout the night.  We didn’t have reservations the second time I dined there and there was a bit of a wait.  May I just suggest that if you’re dining anywhere in New York you make reservations, especially if you have a sizable party.

Ocean Grill

Enjoy a nice evening at Ocean Grill

Let’s be honest by saying that the people with whom you keep company can make a world of difference.  Lucky for me, I love food and wine so much that outside forces rarely not get the best of me while dining out.  My first time at Ocean Grill was with a group of administrators and teachers who were very nice

Ocean Grill Interior

Ocean Grill Interior

and agreeable.  Everyone there was on their best behavior and treated each other with respect.  We relished in every moment.

The flip side was my second visit which included a dining party of five plus a whole lot of tension.  The revelers consisted of a former administrative colleague, three of her teachers and one teacher from my school and me.  My former colleague focused so much on the cost items on the menu that it put a bit of a damper on my parade.  The deal was to provide meals for our staff during our week of learning at Columbia University so I didn’t see the big problem.  We discussed how much we were to spend each day prior to the trip so everyone was aware of limitations.

Ocean Grill Bar

Ocean Grill Bar

You can’t expect young teachers to pay for their meals after making an agreement to cover for them, especially after the plane has landed in one of the most expensive cities and you’re sitting at the dinner table with a menu in front of you.  I managed to get through the evening with the understanding that this too shall pass and I gave all my energy to enjoying my delicious meal and wine.

Ocean Grill Dining Area

Ocean Grill Dining Area

A few other tidbits that allowed me to get through the evening were knowing we’d do some shopping afterwards, we were in walking distance of our hotel which had a nice little liquor store across the street.  Oh and I forgot I have a way to behave like Switzerland on the outside while feeling on the inside like I want to have an all out war!!!

Smile for the Camera

Smile for the camera. Any negative feelings can be set aside for Denzel!


  • Indoor and outdoor seating
  • Close to Central Park, i.e. great location
  • Can walk to Crumbs for dessert
  • A few select stores down the block
  • Fun atmosphere
  • Wonderful menu selections
  • Nice evening out but won’t break the bank

Check out Ocean Grill’s website at


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