What is up with reality television?  I haven’t counted but the number of shows that fall under this genre but it seems to dominate the tube.  An honored tradition is Serendipity3 and has been spotlighted two different reality shows that immediately come to mind.  On Tori and Dean:  Home Sweet Hollywood this past season when Candy Spelling took Tori and her grandchildren Stella and Liam to enjoy lunch and the outstanding frozen hot chocolate.  In an episode of this past season’s Joan and Melissa:  Joan Knows Best, they both enjoyed lunch at Serendipity3 along with Melissa’s son Cooper.  Yes, I watch both shows. However, I can’t for the life of me explain the draw.  Who doesn’t have a reality show these days?

Side note:  I was watching a show on TLC this weekend with my boyfriend and there were so many commercials advertising their different reality shows.  Doesn’t TLC stand for The Learning Channel?  Perhaps I’m mistaken. I’m not sure what I’d be learning while watching them.  Oh, I just Googled it and found out it’s just TLC and it used to stand for The Learning Channel.  Who knew?

My first time hearing about the infamous frozen hot chocolate was when Oprah brought it out for all her guest to enjoy on one of her favorite things episodes.  It was just for teachers.  One of the teachers in my building actually was there and received all that loot.  I too requested tickets but wasn’t selected.   I was so jealous and it took me a while to get over not being accepted into her inner sanctum.


My little piece of heaven!

Anyhoo, Serendipity3 has a menu that consists of food items other than the frozen hot chocolate but as Joan says, it’s best to have a backwards meal.  In other words, you have your dessert first.  When I go to Serendipity3 I partake in the backwards meal and enjoy a frozen hot chocolate all by myself; mistake number one.  I get so full on its deliciousness I don’t have room for the entrée I ordered; mistake number two.  I know not to order anything else but I feel guilty for taking up space just sipping on my delectable chocolate liquid meal.  I’ll never learn and what the hay, it’s an experience.

I can’t really speak towards the other items on the menu as I barely take a bite of them.  It’s a fun place to go so as long as I’m enjoying that frozen chocolaty deliciousness I’m all good.  If you want to enjoy it to you better make a reservation.

All Gone!

I hate when it comes to an end!

The first time I attempted to dine at Serendipity3 I was with my boyfriend and one of his best friends who lives in New Jersey.  His friend insists on driving through the city and after finding a place to park for $50 we elected to try out the frozen hot chocolate-without a reservation.  The wait was horrendous so we opted to hang out in China Town.  Before leaving I did purchase a couple of packets of frozen hot chocolate to make once I got back home.  That was more than four years ago and have yet to make it myself.  I suppose I should get around to throwing those packets out.

The second time I attempted to go to Serendipity3 I was in New Jersey when I phoned to make the reservation.  The restaurant was closed due to a fire.  You would not have wanted to be around me when I found that out.

Ever since those two previous experiences I have had success.  I have had reservations and there hasn’t been any reason for Serendipity3 to be closed.  I will tell you, the anticipation to try out a frozen hot chocolate was worth every year as it was so…yummy.  The definition of serendipity, posted on the website, really lived up to all my expectations.  As I said before, I had no room for anything else.  Luckily I have a refrigerator to store my leftovers.

I ate too much!

Why do I punish myself?

If you’re not able to make it to New York or there are no reservations to be had, you can go to Amazon.com and order some frozen hot chocolate packets to make the delectable dessert at home.


  • Kitschy décor
  • Easy to get to by subway or cab
  • Nice neighborhood
  • A must do if you like chocolate
  • Down the street from Bloomingdale’s and Dylan’s Candy Store
  • Fun experience to have with family and friends
  • Cute souvenirs

Check out their website at http://www.serendipity3.com/.  Don’t forget to make reservations!!!

In Las Vegas or Miami, there’s a Serendipity3 in those cities too.


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I'm looking forward to sharing my New York experiences that have been highlighted on television and in movies.

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