A good friend of mine introduced me to Basketball Wives as if I need one more reality show to watch each week.  For now the ladies are in New York and I do love it!  They frequent so many hotspots that give me a reason to spend a little cash on enjoying them too.

The decor is gorge!

Take David Burke Townhouse.  When I first heard the name I thought it was a home or a complex with multiple dwellers.  How dense am I, right?  I was pleasantly surprised to know that I didn’t need to be invited over but instead I could make a reservation and dine there.  So when the ladies met up at David Burke Townhouse I had a reason to eat up.  Its location couldn’t have been more perfect.  It’s only a few blocks from where I stay when I’m in town and right around the corner from American Kennels.  How perfect is that?

Being alone in New York has its disadvantages.  Instead of sitting at some huge table in the main dining room, I opted to dine in the lounge area.  It was the lunch hour and there were a few gentlemen flying solo, definitely taking in a bite between important business meetings.  There were couples dining nearby but as my time there went on, many groups headed to the dining room.  I so wish I wasn’t so skittish and had sat there too.  Next time I will definitely either get up the courage or rent travel with a friend next time.

At first I thought I was going to break the bank by eating at David Burke Townhouse but to my surprise, I walked out with my shirt on.  When in doubt, doing lunch is usually less expensive so that’s the way I usually go.  The menu was set up nicely.  There is a prix fixe for either $24.07 or $37 depending on what items make up your three course meal.  I should have asked why the 7 cents.  I splurged and ordered two things that raised my bill up a notch and it was worth every penny.  If you want to have a nice dinner on Sundays, excluding holidays there’s a prix fixe for $35.  My next goal is to enjoy brunch on either Saturday or Sunday at DBT as I hear it’s one of the best in New York City.  You can order items individually or take in the prix fixe for $39.

From the menu I ordered the pretzel covered crabcake, steak “sandwich” and dark chocolate pot de crème. Oh I mustn’t forget the two glasses of pinot Gris.  Oh and that bread.  Oh that bread.  I couldn’t tell if it was a dinner type roll, a muffin or some kind of dessert.  Oh that bread was so good.  I could have sat there and just eaten that bread.

After eating that bread and indulging in two glasses of wine I had to have most of my steak “sandwich” packed up and instead of the dark chocolate pot de crème fresh fruit went home with me.  My server didn’t feel my sweet dessert would have traveled well.  Both served as tummy pleasers later on that day.

Even my to go bag is adorable!

My only regret was I didn’t order the lollipops.  One gentleman’s to go order along with some kind of salad with lots of crab in it as well as on the side consisted of them and they sounded so yummy.  I think he was ordering for his staff.  What an amazing boss he must be!  Next time I’ll be having the lollipops my friends.  Next time.


  • Sumptuous atmosphere
  • Delictable items on the menu
  • Vegetarian choices
  • Location, location, location
  • Welcoming staff

Check out the website at davidburketownhouse.com/.


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I'm looking forward to sharing my New York experiences that have been highlighted on television and in movies.

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